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WHATEVER BRAINS “W/E Brains” 2×12″


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WHATEVER BRAINS “W/E Brains” 2×12″ 16,00 EUR / 65zł
(Sorry State) WHATEVER BRAINS have always been a band inclined toward the grand statement, but their latest release reaches new levels of epic. Not a conventional LP or a double LP – this is actually 2 separate records packaged as one. The 1st is a 22min. track spread across both sides. A series of linked compositions ala VENOM’s “at war with satan” or the SUBHUMANS’ “from the cradle to the grave”. The music is similarly wide in scope, drifting organically from maximalist punk to minimalist, country-tinged lament to pumping electronica in an astoundingly natural fashion. As for the other record, 4 new songs which continues to develop the wide sonic palette that the best tracks on their previous full-length hinted at. As ever, a good portion of the people reading this will be confused and repulsed by the WHATEVER BRAINS, while the remainder will insist vocally that this is one of the most truly innovative and exciting records of 2014.