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WINDOPEN „Rock!“ 15.00 EUR / 60zł
(Spittle) Spittle present a reissue of Windopen’s Rock!, originally issued in 1979. Windopen were a proudly underground band from Bologna. Active between the ’70s and the ’80s, they only recorded a cassette (the original presentation of this music) on Harpo’s Music and a single, Sei In Banana Dura (1980) for Cramps Records. At the exact edge between masterpiece and madness, here is the first-ever vinyl reissue of that original cassette, released on 1979 plus two unreleased tracks and tracks from Sei In Banana Dura. A classic item from the golden era of Italian New Wave, this music is the perfect mixture of punk spirit, urban slang lyrics and pure nonsense. “Sei In Banana Dura” was a really big underground hit! In the 1990s, band member Roberto Terzani took Giovanni Maroccolo’s place in Litfiba and eventually he followed Piero Pelù in his solo career.