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WOLFENSTEIN “Staedter” 10,00 EUR / 40zł
(HC4LZS+TKXPV+Tueto Cult+…) Black vinyl limited to 250 copies! Comes with download code, heavy cardboard sleeve, lyrics sheet and essay/liner notes. Wolfenstein is a four-piece hardcore band from Stuttgart Germany. Their new album, Staedter, is a concept album based on a poem by Alfred Wolfenstein. It deals with the perspectives of several different people living in a metropolis and their resulting feelings of isolation, hopelessness and loneliness despite being constantly surrounded by thousands of other people. True to the genre, this is all told in a fast and noisy fashion. “Staedter” is nothing if not an aggressive punch to the gut and knee to the nose. The 30 minutes fly by in a series of short, abrasive tracks broken up by a few sludgier moments.