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WUDS “Arms talk” LP


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WUDS “Arms talk” 22.00 EUR / 100zł

(Puke N Vomit+Middle Finger) This PNV archival release is a real treat for Pinoy Punk fans. Why do you ask? Because the Wuds are one of the earliest Filipino punk bands and their rare as all hell debut demo tape has been unavailable in any format since its initial 1985 cassette only release. Making it one of the rarest Pinoy Punk releases. The Wuds were among the earliest – and most influential – punk rock bands in the Philippines. In the early ’80s, punk bands began to form in the Philippines as economic woes and political unrest started to fuel a burgeoning underground scene. The Wuds roared their amps in a country once dominated by easy listening artists. Not surprisingly, there was little mainstream acceptance. Given that rock audiences in the Philippines were divided between hippies and punks, violence was not uncommon; nevertheless, the Wuds were devout Krishna’s, quite different from the public stereotyping of punk rockers as immoral troublemakers. Throughout the ’80s, the Wuds remained outside of mass acceptance. In the early ’90s, though, Manila underwent an alternative rock revolution and the Wuds were lauded as pioneers, especially by the popular punk group the Youth. Fast forward …after 38 years from its release ArmsTalk is now finally available on vinyl! For such a legendary band that still commands high respect in the Philippine and worldwide underground music scenes, having this music on 12” vinyl is a must for any serious collector or fan