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XENOFOBIA “Muerte en America” EP


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XENOFOBIA “Muerte en America” 7,50 EUR / 30zł
(Radiation) Xenofobia is by far the most iconic of the Mexican hardcore bands that emerged during the late 1980s, their base in the nation’s capital city placing them in a hotbed of the local scene (though there were also acts in places with greater proximity to the US border, such as Tijuana and the Yucatan peninsula). Their impossibly rare debut 7-inch EP “Muerte En Amercia” was released in minute quantities by the group in 1987 on a self-released seven-inch with a graphic picture sleeve, featured bassist/songwriter Hnos David Varela and his brother Jorge (aka “El Igor”) on drums, with guitarist Raul “El Perro” and lead singer Miguel El Charro, the production shared between Hnos Varela and Eleazar Betancourt (who would later work with Mexican rock band Liran’ Roll, AKA The Blues Boys). Chaotic political hardcore at its rawest peak, reissued for the first time since 1987 in a mere 500 copies from the unstoppable archival punk machine at Radiation reissues.