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JULIETTE “Memories fade”  LP   (black) OUT NOW!


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JULIETTE “Memories fade”  15.00 EUR / 65zł   (black)

(REFUSE) JULIETTE was active between 2000 and 2004 in Puławy and was part of the impressive DIY scene in the Lublin/Puławy region. Part of the band’s line-up at the time was also involved in other groups such as the well-known ANTICHRIST or 33 ROTATIONS. Juliette’s sound was rooted in the tradition of US and French emo-hardcore of the 90s, but with its own strong “eastern” twist. Their musical presentation was raw, penetrating and moving. Devoid of sterility and politeness, their sound departed from sugary emo/pop. It was instead a completely different form of expression from the tough-sounding hardcore that seemed to define the whole phenomenon at the time. They were listened to and appreciated by different factions of the scene, which at the time boldly intermingled. They reminded us that punk was also about emotion and sensibility.

Active over the course of several years, the band performed in many parts of the country and was one of the few bands from Poland to perform at the Ieper HC Fest in Belgium. The band’s musicians went on to play in other groups such as PANACEA, USP and AFTERBIRTH. Members can currently be seen in BLISS, DIARY OF LAURA PALMER and YELL.

This retrospective ‘Memories Fade’ LP contains all of the material released on Refuse Records on the CD ‘Somewhere in the East’ in 2004 along with four out of the five tracks from the band’s 2001 debut demo. The album comes with a download code with all of that material as well as an additional live track that was never recorded in the studio.

All of this has been packaged with subtle artwork along with an additional booklet. The record was remastered by Haldor at Satanic Audio. Photographs included were taken over the years by Mike Champagne.

This is a one-off edition and is limited to 300 copies. The record will see its premiere during Bliss’ performance at the 30th anniversary of Refuse Records in Warsaw, Poland.

Shipping: October 2023