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DRINK DEEP “DD” EP (black) 


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DRINK DEEP “DD” 7”EP   8.00 EUR / 35zł  (black)


Refuse Records is proud to announce the debut 7” of Berlin’s own Drink Deep – one of the most exciting new band that appeared in the local scene recently. This EP titled “DD” contains eight fast and punchy songs that revive a classic, yet forgotten sound among their hardcore punk contemporaries. This new band features players from three different continents who have put in the time and dedication in groups such as Praise, Remission and The Fog. They formed after the pandemic and have wasted no time, as they’ve been consistently playing across Europe during their first year together. Now we can appreciate the high energy from their live performances in a studio recording, and the combination of their early influences (Minor Threat, Bad Brains, 7 Seconds) is something that will surely remind people of when they first fell in love with hardcore.

Track list:

Side A:


2.Not you

3.No need

4.Double victim

Side B:


2.Letting go

3.Doubting pace

4.Drink Deep