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EGO FIX “Total filth squad 1995-1997” LP+CD


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EGO FIX “Total filth squad 1995-1997” LP+CD 18.00 EUR / 80zł

(F.O.A.D.) Annihilating old school grindcore from Osaka, Japan influenced by 80s UK & Japanese fast HC and the early Earache Records classics! A complete collection of their 90’s recordings – most of them being released for the first time on vinyl: “Eternal Karma” Demo, “Terminal Filth Squad” split EP w/ Plutonium, compilation appearances and unrleased tracks. BONUS CD with: Reh-Live demo 1996 + a live performance as CHAPEL OF GHOUL, in Maizuru City, Kyoto, November 1995. 50 SONGS!! Total blasting insanity for fans of S.O.B., E.N.T. and early NAPALM DEATH.. Includes 16 page booklet packed with photos, flyers and artworks from their collected works.