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FORCE SKELETOR “混沌神降臨 – 1991-1994” 2LP


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FORCE SKELETOR 混沌神降臨 – 1991-1994″ 2LP (black)
A rare example of traditional Japanese hardcore rooted in 80’s speed metal!!! Formed in the mid-80s as a speed/thrash metal band, after starting to attend the local hardcore scene FORCE SKELETOR gradually shifted their style toward a powerful blend of traditional Japanese HC while still maintaining an old school metal vibe, creating a unique choice of sound that turns out to be totally epic and intense… Quoting the band’s frontman Reezi: “By the time we started to write their own songs, the metal scene was already partially overshadowed by the rise of grunge, and Pantera’s influence was pushing many bands towards groove metal. Force Skeletor who aspired to play “fast and extreme metal,” felt discouraged by the state of the scene in those days. Around this time, I discovered the legendary Japanese hardcore compilation video “Complete Death Live” (1989). After watching it, I was deeply impressed and began to explore the possibility of shifting our activities to the hardcore scene. Force Skeletor auditioned at Koenji’s old 20000V and at Shinjuku’s Antiknock, two live houses which hosted countless hardcore gigs. This was the beginning of their activity as a hardcore band..” Hard to label them, but they could be portrayed as “BURNING SPIRITS BLACKENED HARDCORE”!! This double LP collection includes all their existing recordings: – “The Chaos” demo (1991) – “Chaos God descends” demo (1992)
– “The Devil” demo (1994) – track from “Sword of Thrash 6 – Morrow” comp. CD Band members later went on to form the blasting black metal horde APOLOGIST! Gatefold jacket + OBI strip + full colored booklet including photos and scans of the original cassette covers..