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FUNERAL DRESS “Party political bullshit” LP


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FUNERAL DRESS “Party political bullshit” 18.00 EUR / 80zł

(Puke N Vomit) The first ever vinyl reissue of their sought after 2000 album ‘Party Political Bullshit’. Funeral Dress has been terrorizing the kids with their catchy singalong style of Pogo Punk since 1985. Hailing from Belgium, what began in as an effort to bring some life into the almost dead Belgian Punk scene has evolved into one of the longest lasting bands in their genre. Having released 7 studio albums, 1 DVD, 10 US Tours, tons of shows around Europe, and they ‘re still here. Funeral Dress has played shows with bands like GBH, The Exploited, Sham 69, X Ray Spex and many more. When ‘Party Political Bullshit’ was initially released in the US they toured with their good friends The Casualties, The Virus and Endless Struggle. For Fans Of: Lower Class Brats Blanks 77 The Exploited Monster Squad Casualties Defiance