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GOVERNMENT FLU “Vile life” 12″ (1st press, green)


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GOVERNMENT FLU “Vile life” 12″ 20,00 EUR / 90zł (1st press, green)
(REFUSE) Gov Flu is not letting anyone catch a breath as they return with another punch to the gut. Usually, HC bands are over, burned out or bored of themselves after their 2nd or 3rd recordings, but this isn’t the case here. With each batch of new material, Gov Flu sets the bar higher and higher. There is no shortage of inspiration because the reality in their homeland of Poland, as well as the rest of the world is getting more and more fucked up by the day. The result is their new 12” is faster and more aggressive, combined with a pissed-off hardcore stomp. Are you seeing a rise of flag-waving, bat-carrying mobs with foam in their mouths taking streets of your town? Open your window, play this record loud and let all these bigots know that they’re going to lose!