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JOY DIVISION „Licht und Blindheit“ EP


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JOY DIVISION „Licht und Blindheit“ 20,00 EUR / 95zł
Repro version housed in glossy fold out cover. Original copies sell for £1000 to £2000 – so this gives you a chance to own. Titled Licht Und Blindheit (“Light And Blindness”) the pairing of Atmosphere and Dead Souls was accompanied by an essay by author Jean-Pierre Turmel that describes the act of performing onstage.Rather than get a release on their usual label Factory, Joy Division singer Ian Curtis convinced manager Rob Gretton to issue on the French imprint Sordide-Sentimental. The label specialised in limited runs of 7″ singles that came packaged in a fold-out booklet and had come to the frontman’s attention when they released a record with Throbbing Gristle. Curtis decided he’d like something similar for the two new Joy Division tracks that had been recorded.