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KOMPANIA KARNA “Podwórkowe historie” LP (white vinyl)


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KOMPANIA KARNA “Podwórkowe historie” LP  (white vinyl)

(Zima) 15 tracks recorded 1987-1988. Podwórkowe historie is the second and last KOMPANIA KARNA album we are putting into your hands. We think that this release, as well as the previous one “Dlaczego tak wiele nienawiści…” fully show what kind of band Kompania was and perfectly illustrate the musical path and history of our activities until 1990, when we changed our name to Schizma .The album presents what the band created in the early years of its activity, that is between 1986 and 1988. The vinyl edition contains 15 tracks and the CD version is enriched with another 9 tracks. The material includes both radio “hits” and unusual for the band recordings with saxophone. The recordings of studio sessions and concert excerpts, although very imperfect, show exactly what we were capable of and what we could create at that stage of activity . To make the story complete we opened all the cupboards and boxes of archives to use as much original graphic material from the 80s as possible , and I think we managed to put together something worthy of note. The vinyl record is accompanied by an impressive insert and, made from original matrices, reprints of Anty flyers, the band poster or Kanaloza No. 1. Most of this material has waited more than 35 years to see the light of day again and a lot of it has never been presented anywhere. Publications of this kind are mainly about history, memories and emotions. We are happy that our work, which was mainly available on cassettes from the 1980s, has now been presented on such noble media.