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KURO “Complete hardcore damnation” LP


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KURO “Complete hardcore damnation” 16.00 EUR / 70zł

(Hate) Kuro is one of the best Japanese hardcore bands of all time. While they never released an album, their Who the Helpless 8″ EP is one of the most feral and crushing early Japanese hardcore records. The sound resembles Fuckheads-era Gauze or G-Zet in that you can tell Discharge is the base of the soup, but the playing is more precise, a little cleaner, and with an emphasis on heaviness and grit rather than pure density. People often remark that there’s a Motorhead-esque quality to a lot of the best Japanese hardcore, and that’s the case here, though the vocals are shredded, up there with John Brannon or Jerry A in intensity.