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MOIRA “Moira” 7”EP  9.00 EUR / 40zł  /ltd. white/


Moira, founded in Bielsko-Biała, Poland in 2017, actively contributes to their local scene. Impressing and diverse space for independent bands and progressive social initiatives. The band fits perfectly with the local character, in which different circles merge to create something of their own and new together. Similarly, different influences and strains of hardcore, metal or punk merge within the band itself. What they create combines an idea, skills, expression and a vital message operating at the interface between the personal and the political. Deeply embedded in this is an emotional charge.

In 2021, the band released its first album “Bi polar,” an LP/CD made possible through a co-operation of several labels.

The album made them a well-recognized band in their home country, and they were regularly invited to shows or festivals (as well as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany). Before this material was released, their debut appeared on a limited, self-released demo. It featured four English-language tracks, as opposed to a Polish-language full album.

To shorten the wait a little for a new LP for Refuse Records, the idea surfaced of reissuing the recordings from their demo on a vinyl EP. The material is strong and good-sounding enough to be perfect for just this format.

These four tracks of darker, metal-charged hardcore with the exquisite and distinctive vocals of Paula (also in BRUDNE CZYNY and END FOREST) deal with more personal subjects and explore doubt, disappointment, loss, and the struggle with oneself.

The demo was recorded at Waiting Room Studio and was remastered this year at Studio As One. Artwork by Sylwia Szlosarczyk

One pressing limited to 329 copies.