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NOxWAY “NoxWay”  EP   ( black ) PRE-ORDER


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NOxWAY “NoxWay”     8.00 EUR / 35zł  black  PRE-ORDER

(REFUSE) European Straight Edge – the new breed! NOxWAY formed in 2021 in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, and released their debut 7-track demo in 2022. They immediately created some buzz in the local scene with their true youthful energetic hardcore. These 15 and 16-year-olds have recently recorded several new songs, and five of them are coming out now as a 7″ on Refuse Records, with the rest expected to be released separately as a split 7” with Seein’ Red.

NOxWAY’s sound is inspired by early ’80s bands like Reagan Youth, Black Flag and Beastie Boys, as well as classic youth crew bands like Youth Of Today and Side By Side.

The new generation of hardcore punks is on the rise! To all teenage punks and HC kids out there, don’t wait: get inspiration from NoxWay and start your own bands now! To quote Side By Side – you’re only young once…. so you better do it right!!