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S.B.V. “Swallow the pill” EP


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S.B.V. “Swallow the pill” 6zł / 1.50e
(REFUSE) The long time anticipated brand new 7″ of S.B.V., out of San Diego, California. For all those who never heard this great band – imagine a modern day version of Unity, Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds, or Dag Nasty played with so much heart and a positive vibe. Definitely extra points for their meaningful, thoughtful lyrics claiming “Music as a weapon – not just entertainment” (a line from an older song of theirs, but the attitude applies to their entire output); social, personal or scene-related issues well-written in an interesting and often humorous way. SBV started in 2002 and so far they have released a full length LP on Mankind Records and a couple of 7 inchers. The new 7″ contains 6 songs. S.B.V. stands for SILENT BUT VIOLENT, and we can assure you that you should expect the opposite from this rad band!