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VENGEANCE TODAY “Dude, you just ruined the show” LP


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VENGEANCE TODAY “Dude, you just ruined the show” 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Anchored+Farblos+5 Feet Under) Vengeance Today are a fairly straightforward sXe hardcore band out of Chemnitz, Germany, whose style on their new album “Dude You Just Ruined The Show” is short, to the point hardcore that is as relentless in its pace as it is in its stubbornness to stray outside of the safe confines of the genre rulebook. It’s a record packed with yelled and screamed vocals, down-tuned riffs, and all the goodies you usually associated with the hardcore scene, though the band perhaps lean a bit more towards hardcore punk than most bands in the genre. In essence, the vast majority of songs clock in just around or under two minutes whilst the band storms down the hardcore punk path in breakneck speed. It’s like a steroid fueled version of Have Heart, Anchor, Paint It Black, Cruel Hand and that sort of bands.