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ABSOLUTE ORDER? “Arrrgh” 8.00 EUR / 35zł

(The Little Jan’s Hammer+Aback+Urgence+…) They originated from squats in Barcelona. Their second single is a straightforward spirit UK punk 82 style bands with honest lyrics about what’s going on around them, heavily inspired by Chaos UK, Skeptix, Abrasive Wheels or Action Pact. Let’s take a look at the line-up of the individual members, it is made up of three continents, Canada-North America, Australia, Britain-Europe, the members have been through bands like Expatriated, Lumpen, Leprosy, Hävittäjät, Pest and last but not least Enzyme, where bass player Ryan is currently crushing four strings with which he played at the Manic Relapse Festival in Oakland, the sad event is that singer Lauren did not live to see the release, the single is dedicated to her memory.