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AMENACA “Demo 2009” LP


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AMENACA “Demo 2009” 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Social Napalm+Discos Enfermos+Base Shop) There has been a long line of great raw, lo-fi DIY punk and hardcore bands coming out of Spain in recent years including the likes of Otan, Firmeza 10, Crimen de Estado, Invasión, and a slew of others, and i hope people will feel that Amenaça continue that tradition of quality. Although not a “ramshackle d-beat band with no bass” band, Amenaça still takes 1980s punk influences (BAP, L’Odi Social, and Subterranean Kids) and combines them with a grainy, raw recording to create an adrenalin charged HC sound. I think you can hear many early Italian hardcore influences as well, and the vocals remind me of Raw Power at times. This 12″ is actually the band’s demo pressed to vinyl.