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ANCHOR “Relations of violence” EP (2nd press, black) 1 copy!


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ANCHOR “Relations of violence” 18zł / 4.00e (2nd press, black vinyl)
(REFUSE) 4 brand new songs of one of the most hard-working current bands in Europe. This Vegan Straight Edge HC band from Sweden already has done several European tours and recently a North American tour. This new 7″ is following their “The Quiet Dance” full length. Tt really might be their best stuff they’ve done so far. “Relations of Violence” brings a darker, but also more intense approach to what the band has done before. There’s still a strong 90’s hardcore influence in there, but we can definitely also hear some influences from the best cuts of Swedish hardcore punk history. It’s all served up in original and unique way, sounding like a perfect combination with a powerful impact where message and content is still important – “2009, still fighting to speak our minds, staying afloat when masses are kept down”.