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ARREST “Pobre i perillos” EP


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ARREST “Pobre i perillos” 9.00 EUR / 40zł

(Kremon+Discos Enfermos+Broca+…) 4 long years with pandemics in between have had to happen for Arrest to give us new songs again. And this 2023 they returned with a new 7″ with four songs under the name of “pobre i perillos”. If we take the axis of his sound from the previous work, his sound has evolved to be more crude, the songs become less chorusable and less melodic for leave room for rawer and more punk riffs. Diego’s characteristic voice continues to mark the front of everything and the sound continues in line with contemporary streetpunk and the most classic oi! as a base. Lyrics committed to the purest Arrest style. The art of the album as always came out of the hand of Munster Estudio.