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AUSMUTEANTS/PUFF split 5,00 EUR / 20zł
(Static Age) Puff: Synth Punk ala Devo, Screamers + Residents! The band is breathtaking. This Berlin-based synthpunk cell rocks hard, leaving aside sound texture and other trifles. Puff is a futurebilly synth punk judge dredd band from Berlin featuring maybe a live drummer or live drum machine, gutter lyrics, bluesy MS20 and chainsaw guitar. Ausmuteans: New Wave Punk ala Devo und Chrome. Geelong, Australia’s Ausmuteants aren’t making politically militant or socially conscious songs – they’re delinquents indulging in low-hanging fruit, writing about stepping in shit and pissing your pants. Jake Robertson, Billy Gardener, Shaun Connor, and Marc Dean certainly aren’t the most mature band out there, but they’re students of Devo, the Screamers, and Chrome.