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COFFIN PARTY “Coffin Party” CS


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COFFIN PARTY “Coffin Party” 5.00 EUR / 22zł

(Smiling Is Not A Crime+Ghetto Blaster) dark raw primitive hc from califonia with members of Nightstick Justice, Second Opinion… The Coffin Party cult returns with this brand new frager. Continuing the savage trajectory laid out by their ripping “Solidarity” EP, this self-titled EP” finds the duo of Jeff and Aesop delving deeper into their love of 80’s Hardcore. Four reworkings of tracks from the roughshod “De-evolutionized” demo and some previously unheard songs, a must for anyone who still loves the fast and feral transmissions from old gods like Jerry’s Kids, Poison Idea, The Offenders, Antidote…Dust off your old leather, and prepare to start a pit of one in your jaded earholes. This shit is crucial. Stephanie Downs