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CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER „Speak your peace“ LP


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CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER „Speak your peace“ 17.00 EUR / 75zł
(Radiation) Reissue, originally released in 1990. Following the differences that saw the original group implode on the road in 1989, Cryptic Slaughter’s guitarist Les Evans moved to Portland, Oregon, where he formed a new band with former Wehrmarkt and Sweaty Nipples drummer Brian Lehfeldt, plus bassist Bret Davis and vocalist Dave Hollingsworth, both formerly in local hardcore band Crud. Now metal was much more prominent and hardcore on the wane, but there are still signature tempo changes, here within longer, more complex song structures, prefacing the industrial and post-thrash crossover acts to follow. An enduring swansong for all lovers of these metalcore innovators. Black vinyl. Double-sided insert included with an exclusive interview and liner notes by Alexandros Anesiadis.