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CUNTROACHES “Cuntroaches” LP


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CUNTROACHES “Cuntroaches” 25.00 EUR / 105zł

(Skin Graft) “CUNTROACHES are the most important and life-affirming band on the planet.” – Maximumrocknroll “Their sound is as utterly compelling, disturbing, eyebrow-raising and violent as their name suggests. This is chaos of the highest, most brutal order and is a vicious assault on the senses.” – CVLT Nation. From SKiN GRAFT Records: The road to the release of Cuntroaches “Cuntroaches” album starts with the recording of Ill, Borborygmus and Gordian Knot. “We recorded Erbium:YAG, Gravity System, Red Velvet Rose and new versions of I Can (Still) Tell You’re (Scum) and Inside Me later.” – explain the members of Cuntroaches. The Berlin-based band put in the hours to craft their debut LP – finally set to release this February. While the majority of the material for the new LP was written, the band reworked the original songs, incorporating a wide range of influences, but maintaining a devastating focus. Metal, punk, hardcore and noise have been channeled into a dense, overwhelming wall of sound. Live, this is combined with some form of performative mischief (if they’re in the mood).