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CYMEON X “Wygrać swoje życie” LP (


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CYMEON X “Wygrać swoje życie – XXX anniversary vinyl edition” LP 18.00 EUR / 85zł (ltd. red)
In 1991, CYMEON X started in Poznań and immediately revolutionised not only the local hometown scene but also made an unquestionable impact on the scene in Poland. Initiated by Adam (formerly of Hacesja) and Stiepan (bassist of Apatia, younger brother of the drummer of H.C.P.), it was intended to be a 100% straight edge band with a clear message promoting the abstinence and vegetarianism within the DIY scene. And although band promoting the straight edge had been appearing in Poland since the mid-1980s (such as ID, U.O.M., UKRAINA, NO PASARAN, AHIMSA or APATIA), it was CYMEON X that created unified straight edge hardcore community, and the fact of being drug-free ceased to be treated as novelty and it became a real force. Also significant in this was the participation of CX members in “Mysha” fanzine as well as extensive contacts in the local and international scene, tape-trading or regular shows of the band. Their concerts and tours with HOMOMILITIA defined the young, united and radical DIY Hardcore Punk scene.
Exactly 30 years ago, in the summer of 1992, the band’s first release was the demo cassette “Wygrać swoje życie (Win your life). The material was enthusiastically received, inspired and generally made quite a stir in the national scene. Now, this material is being released on a vinyl limited to 325 copies and expanded with one cover song from the same session.
The release comes with a 16-page booklet with lyrics, photos and a foreword by Adam Szulc.
Premiere during the Warsaw concert of Youth Of Today – a band that has had a huge influence on Cymeon X and has been covered by them many times – also on this release,
Layout by Jarek Składanek (in Cymeon X since 1997). Mastering by Smok Studio As One based on archival tapes.