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DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE “Revolution” 15zł / 4,00 EUR / $5
(Black Wednesday+Campary+Your Poison+…) 2 years and 4 months after “Jetzt kommen die Jahre” the punk band from Düsseldorf releases the new single “Revolution”. After countless kilometers on the European highways and country roads, concerts at home and abroad as well as exhausting rehearsals, the EP was recorded and produced in February with Wally of TOXOPLASMA. “Revolution” follows the spirit of the band’s early years and their first EP: The guillotine appears on the cover, the band’s log but also the symbol of horror of the French revolution, peaking with the execution of Louis XVI. The band goes back to their roots concerning tradition and logo whereas the music has developed further, not trying to rely too much on old releases. For the chorus of the song “Revolution” the band has been able to gather several guest singers. These are Deek (OI POLLOI), Kirsten (NAKED AGGRESSION), Tiina (PUNK LUREX), Aitor (APURTU), Murile (ATTENTAT SONORE), Doc (EL PUNTO DEVIL), Ania (EYE FOR AN EYE) and Fix (SIN LOGICA). The results is a wonderful punk ballad with a text that is very contemporary. The song “Gegen die Zeit” (Against the time) is shaped by more advanced songwriting and sophisticated guitar riffs, backed by a powerful bass and drums. “Sommer” (Summer) is a traditional DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE punk rock song. The vocals have not changed, Armin remains on the mic after 28 years, bringing his experience of more than 25 records and over 400 gigs into the team.In the fall of 2012, MT has taken over the drums, stepping in for Micha who could not find the time anymore to play with DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE.