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DRY SPELL “Dry Spell” LP


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DRY SPELL “Dry Spell” 20zł / 5,00 EUR
(Vinyl Conflict) DRY SPELL’s one of richmond, VA’s hardest working Punk/HC bands at the moment, and this lp definetly shows them at their peak. Their previous 2 7″es were good, But this is EXCELLENT! Driving mid tempo punk to full on Hardcore with tune-age that immediately gets stuck in your head. The best thing really about DRY SPELL is you can’t pidgeon hole them into one genre of HC Punk or the other. You can hear influence from Feel the Darkness era Poison Idea, Mid Tempo parts of Jerry’s Kids Is this my World and earlier, Maybe throw in some Turbonegro, some Late 70’s KBD Punk and 70’s Rock all at the same time. It’s really for you to determine for yourself. To us the music should sell itself. Just check out the MP3 on the front page. This lp is 10 great songs, None of them too long to keep your interest, all the while at 45 rpms and LOUD! Recorded/Mastered at MINIMUM WAGE Studios (Government warning, Direct Control, Cloak Dagger, the ladies, Southside Stranglers so many countless others!) by Lance Koehler, What a guy he is! You know it’s gonna sound good when it comes through those doors.