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GOVERNMENT FLU “Singles collection” 12″ (black)


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GOVERNMENT FLU “Singles collection” 12″ 39zł / 10,00 EUR (2nd press, black)
Compiled in 12″ format songs from the sold out or almost sold out limited 7″s: “Demo 2008”, “Fuck poetics”, “Like letters” and “Warsaw is Burning” comp. We thought that these songs are so ass-kicking that they should be still available. Gov Flu is one of the highlights of the HC scene in Poland with their no bullshit hardcore influenced by early 80s USHC like Black Flag, Antidote, Necros, Jerrys Kids etc.
This are fast, tight and rockin’ beats. It seems members of Gov Flu spent every day of the last decade playing in other bands (Knife In The Leg, The Black Tapes, Six Pack, Sunrise, Daymares, The Tangled Lines, Vitamin X and so on). “Singles collections” contains 23 tracks. Killer cover by Raf Wechterowicz.