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H.C.P. “Pozytywny stan świadomości 1989” LP (2nd press black)


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H.C.P. “Pozytywny stan świadomości 1989” 14,00 EUR / 55zł (2nd press, black vinyl)
H.C.P. stands for Hard Core Poznan, active shortly in the years 1988-1989 but important for growning DIY hardcore scene in Poland of the late 80s. It is a document which enhances the heritage of the new hard core wave in Poland which appeared in this period . H.C.P was the first band from this new crop of bands which managed to do a vinyl release, thanks to the Swiss label Resistance Productions. It is these songs from the legendary “Anti Drugs” EP as well as the songs originally released on the split tapes with Chaos and Apatia, appeared on their discography “Positive State of Mentality 1989” LP. All in all, 19 songs of fast and aggressive hardcore punk (or as they were called back in those days – HC/Thrash) with lyrics dealing with the dawn of the communist days in Poland, with state violence, militarism, nuclear energy or growing neo-fascism. Referring to this last issue song called “Mlodzi faszysci” (“Young fascists”) – has become the most known song in the history of the band, one which has been cover later by many other bands of The Polish Hc/Punk scene. In spite of all these problems in this difficult transition period, the band never stopped showing optimism and youthful drive, never stopped appealing for a change of values and positive awareness. The band’s positive and progressive message has been also mirrored in their straight edge philosophy – the band has been one of the first ones in Poland connected to the straight edge.
The end of H.C.P.’s chapter marked a beginning of Apatia and a new and significant period on the Polish scene for the next twenty-something years.
HCP’s discography LP is coming out with a 28-page booklet including the lyrics, an interview with all the band members, memories of Pablo from Resistance Productions and many archive photos and flyers.
Mastering by Smok (Studio As One). This is a co-release between Refuse Records and Warsaw Pact Records.