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MISANTHROPIC CHARITY “Misanthropic Charity” EP


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MISANTHROPIC CHARITY “Misanthropic Charity” 6,00 EUR / 25zł
(No Plan) MISANTHROPHIC CHARITY was a Punk, Punk Rock band from Kopenhagen, Denmark formed by ex-members of ELECTRIC DEADS and ENOLA GAY amongst others. This band played melodic, powerful and intense Punk Rock with female vocals and weren´t active for too long, they released one full LP and a demo, which is featured on this 7″ EP here. Great that some rare treasures of the Eighties finally found their way on vinyl, would be a shame if such great music would get lost and forgotten forever. All material of this EP was recorded in spring 1987 at MediaSound Copenhagen, Denmark. This EP version here comes on Black vinyl and is limited to 300 copies, housed in a threefold two-colour cover with lyrics and photos.