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MORBO “A quien le echamos la culpa?” LP


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MORBO “A quien le echamos la culpa?” 19.00 EUR / 85zł

(The Little Jan’s Hammer+Metadona) After 20 years of drinks and hangovers, Morbo brings us their latest Lp of 12 songs, in which they talk about depression, heartbreak, problems and disappointment as well as fun and alcohol as an escape from a world sunk in shit. In Peru in the old days they didn’t speak of Punk, but of underground Rock and it is from this school that Morbo were born, along with bands like Los Yorks or Zcuela Crrada, to whom Morbo pays tribute with two versions on this album; call it what you want, but in short they are 12 tracks of garage Punk Rock, pissed off, catchy and honest. Here’s to Morbo!