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OPEN WOUNDS “Look in the mirror” EP  (ltd. red) OUT NOW!


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OPEN WOUNDS “Look in the mirror” 7”EP    8.00 EUR / 35zł  ltd. red

(REFUSE) After a few years of hiatus, Open Wounds are back with their strongest and best material to date. Everything about this record is great: powerful but raw production, clever songwriting, melodic hooks and singalongs. On top of that is features again some amazing artwork done by Bill Hauser. If the classic 80’s US hardcore punk-sound is your thing, then this EP is a must. Think of an angry but friendly beast fed on Articles of Faith, 7 Seconds, Jerry’s Kids, Minor Threat and Zero Boys records, whose favorite desert was some ’77 punk icecream with some Oi! sprinkles on top. This EP contains four raging hardcore songs and two more punk oriented anthems that will make you dive from the kitchen table and annoy your neighbors who don’t appreciate quality music.