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PRIMER REGIMEN “Ultimo testamento” LP


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PRIMER REGIMEN “Ultimo testamento” 17.00 EUR / 70zł

(Discos Enfermos) 5 years after its ghostly original release and facing its last tour to take place in June I cannot be more proud to be able to reissue the debut LP of the Colombian band Primer Regimen. Uk82 punk in its purest form and capturing the essence of the British bands of the 80s as few bands have known and been able to do throughout the subsequent decades. Taking Charged GBH, Crux, Ultraviolent or even the first single from Blitz in equal parts, 7 songs and a cover of Dead Wretched + a bonus track closing a practically perfect LP and again within the reach of those who did not have the option of getting hold of it at the time.