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SAIDIWAS “Saidiwas” 12″ black OUT NOW!


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SAIDIWAS “Saidiwas” 12″ black  15.00 EUR / 70zł

SAIDIWAS were an anarchist vegan straight edge band from the vibrant hardcore scene in Umea, Northern Sweden in the 90’s. They put out two releases on Desperate Fight Records. Some of the members were also in bands like FINAL EXIT and SEPARATION. Their radical political message was a call for solidarity in the struggle against all kinds of oppression, inequality, gender roles and patriarchal schemes. Their sound was influenced by DC’s Revolution Summer bands. They had a strong contrast to the dominant heavy sounding HC bands of the era with the violent dancing that came along with them. Their confrontational set at Ieper Fest in 1996 was clear manifestation of their stance and sparked a lot of controversy and discussions. The band’s debut 6-track CD ep was released in 1996 and it’s finally now coming out on vinyl. This release has an additional bonus track previously released on the “Straight Edge As Fuck II” compilation CD (1996, Desperate Fight). 7 tracks 45 RPM.