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SGURD “The beginning of the end” EP


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SGURD “The beginning of the end” 16zł / 4,00 EUR
(Adagio 830) Debut 7″ from this new Berlin-based project featuring Marco from Smart Cops/L’amico Di Martucci and it looks like perhaps a few other Italians as well? Sgurd have a really cool sound that kind of falls between a lot of different genres. They remind me more than a little bit of the Repos in the way that I can hear elements of straight up early 80s hardcore in their sound along with subtle touches of youth crew (or, perhaps more appropriately, “pro-youth crew” like SSD or the Abused) and some of the neck-snapping changes of bands like Infest (though there’s no blasting here at all). Basically, at the end of the day this is just a ripping, totally intense hardcore record. If you’re into Youth Attack’s more intense HC bands like the Repos, Vile Gash, or Raw Nerve you should definitely give this a spin… it’s a total banger. (sorry state)