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SOCIALCIDE “Unapproachable” 12″


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SOCIALCIDE “Unapproachable” 12″ 32zł / 8,00 / $11
(Even Worse+Kangaroo) An all out killer LP from these american badasses, SOCIALCIDE. This powerful recording really justifies them as a band with just the right amount of everything. This is hardcore punk the way its meant to be – NO BULLSHIT. Full of hate, power, and vengeance. If this LP was a mix drink it’d be 2 shots of RALEIGH HC (No Lables, COC), 2 shots POISON IDEA, 1 shots RAW POWER, and 3 shots old Northeast HC (BOSTON, NY). It’s a weird, but great way to describe it. You need it. One of the best LP?s to come out in a long time.