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SPLODGENESSABOUNDS “Splodgenessabounds” LP ltd.


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SPLODGENESSABOUNDS “Splodgenessabounds” 19,00 EUR / 87zł (ltd color)
(Radiation) Record Store Day 2021 Release. Punk parodists Splondgenessabounds achieved more than most in the early 1980s, with three chart hits, including a top-ten smash and another in the top thirty. Formed above a mini-cab office in Peckham, southeast London, they scored a contract with major label Deram through a Battle of the Bands contest, debut single B-side ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ hitting number 7 on the singles chart in June 1980. An equally unlikely cover of Boer War saga ‘Two Little Boys’ hit the top thirty and initial single A-side ‘Simon Templar,’ based on the theme from The Saint, was also popular. This incredible debut album has each of these tracks and so much more, with plenty of fart songs and a closing dub of ‘Two Pints.’ This is the sound of the band at their magnificent best, a pick of the bunch for all Splondgs fans.