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STAY HUNGRY “Stay Hungry” 7″ (white)


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STAY HUNGRY “Stay Hungry” 8zł / 2.00 EUR (white vinyl)
Goeteborg is one of the most active cities on the Swedish HC map. In the last few years two of the most important Swedish straight edge bands came from this town: Anchor and Stay Hungry. SxH have been active for a couple of years and they have two 12″s (on Reflections and Green Menace) as well as a demo 7″ out. They’re involved in lots of actions supporting their local scene, like booking drug-free shows, putting out the amazing “Law & Order” zine and at the same time are involved in the inter-continental sXe unit Sectarian Violence. Stay Hungry is all about full on straight edge pride – direct, fast, heavy and pissed off. This is their 6 song EP with a crucial cover done by Spoiler.