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THE DWEEBS “Goes without saying” EP (slop bucket)


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THE DWEEBS “Goes without saying” 8.00 EUR / 35zł (slop bucket)

(Crew Cuts) THE DWEEBS is tightly-wound, neurotic people playing tightly-wound, neurotic music and by the time this 10 minute “full length” epic comes to an end you might be feeling the same way too. It’s easy to see why THE DWEEBS are the baby angels of south west hardcore, once they start up – THE DWEEBS don’t stop. These ten songs are relentless. They will blast you to smithereens. The Dweebs are aggro-nerds and I’m not talking about the goddamn DESCENDENTS here – THE DWEEBS are channelling the spirit of first wave EMOTIONAL HARDCORE (Dweeb Nasty, Rites of Dweeb, and Gray Dweeb Matter) and jacking it with some classic Youth Crew JUICE. With songs faster and more pummelling than any regular dweeb-on-the-streets could handle, and the production is blown out and blasty (kinda like what Bootlicker are doing). If you’re a fan of classic hardcore and moving around erratically then THE DWEEBS is speaking your love-language. On a more personal note – the drumming on this record is perfect: it’s total carnage, but delivered with absolute control and power at top speeds… but manages to retain an element of sketchiness that makes it so good.