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V/A “Flex Your Head” LP (white)


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V/A “Flex Your Head” 20zł / 90,00 EUR (white)

(Dischord) Flex Your Head was first released in January 1982 and was the first full-length album released by Dischord Records. The compilation features 32 songs by 11 DC area bands and went a long way towards “putting DC on the map” as one of the era’s great punk scenes. This album has remained in print, first on LP and later on CD, and has remained a perennial must-have for each new generation of kids looking to re-trace the roots and ethos of DIY punk. Bands: TEEN IDLES, UNTOUCHABLES, SOA, MINOR THREAT, GOVERNMENT ISSUE, YOUTH BRIGADE, RED C, VOID, IRON CROSS,ARTIFICIAL PEACE, DEADLINE.