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SIEKIERA “Demo summer ‘84” LP (2nd press, red)


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SIEKIERA “Demo summer ‘84” LP 35.00 EUR / 155zł (2nd press, red)

“It’s like the best lost hardcore record you’ve never heard” (Artcore zine, UK)

The most anticipated material of Polish punk band unreleased on vinyl yet is out! All out attack of this cult demo from 1984 by one and the only – SIEKIERA.
The material recorded 37 years ago is known as “Demo, summer ’84” or “Dom Chemika” – as was the name of the House of Culture in Puławy, where they recorded 16 songs that make up this material. To this day, causing a potential listener a sudden increase in pulse.
This is the most representative recording of the “old” Siekiera, who was not lucky enough to record a full-length album in a decent studio. If that would happen back then, today it would be an absolute classic of the international hardcore punk scene of the 80s, placed next to the British or Scandinavian superpowers. Despite the obvious technical limitations, the demo material is shocking with its incredible energy, dynamics and thickening of uncompromising blow. It strikes with authenticity, expresses the unrestrainedness and creativity of a new underground cultural front, created in dark basements, far from gray political reality.
Amid the fuzz caused by the performance at the Jarocin festival, in the late summer or early Fall of 1984, Siekiera recorded this material. Some of the songs were already known from their shows, the rest are premiere outputs. There are new ideas, more elaborate forms, more mature arrangements, without giving up the characteristic aggression and brutality. “Demo summer ’84” consists of the “basic” part (tracks 1-10) and the “extra” part (tracks 11-16, recorded on a different day than the others).
After all these years of handing over the reverent recordings, a series of bootleg cassettes and finally the official publication of songs on “Na wszystkich frontach świata” CD (2008, W Moich Oczach), the time has finally come to present to the world one of the most amazing 80s music material coming from Eastern Bloc.

The reception of these sixteen pieces with the lyrics on the verge of brutal reality and no less brutal fantasy, balancing between absurdity, abstraction and utopia, bubbling with violence and destruction, still gives a feeling of incredible strength and purification. It still makes us move with the confidence of a warrior who is ready to fight righteous battles on all fronts of the world.