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AHIMSA “Słońce świeci dla wszystkich (1991-1994)” 2xLP  (black) PRE-ORDER /shipping April 2024/


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AHIMSA “Słońce świeci dla wszystkich (1991-1994)” 2xLP  (black)  32.00 EUR / 140zł PRE-ORDER


Warsaw’s AHIMSA was one of the most important bands of the independent hardcore scene of the early 90’s. They were often mentioned in one breath together with APATIA, INKWIZYCJA or SCHIZMA. AHIMSA blazed trails, opened doors, made people think, and strongly inspired people with their message to take action and work on themselves. The band launched in 1989 and was one of the first fully vegetarian groups in the Polish scene. They were also one of the first national bands and one of the few in Europe at the time who adhered to abstinence and straight edge principles. More important in their message, however, were the themes of support for animal rights, ecology, humanism, self-realisation and the promotion of non-violent principles. At a time of political transformation, when violence erupted regularly at shows and on the streets, this was a very bold, if not revolutionary, demand. AHIMSA’s activism on behalf of animal rights and environmental protection went beyond their music many times. They participated in pickets, blockades, demonstrations and conveyed their ideas through media coverage. They sang the words, “In activism your strength, in activism your opposition” and lived by this, while at the same time involving and inviting others to do the same. They were among those who shaped the ideas of a conscious and active underground scene, whose values and principles are still prevalent today. From the very beginning, their sound strongly diverged from local standards. They were listening to fresh and progressive hardcore records released in the second half of the 80’s by Dischord Records or Alternative Tentacles Records, especially ones by groups like FUGAZI, VERBAL ASSAULT, BEEFEATER, RHYTHM PIGS, NOMEANSNO and VICTIMS FAMILY. Some of these bands performed in Warsaw at the time, and Pete Chramiec from Verbal Assault even attended one of AHIMSA’s rehearsals.

In the first period of their time as a band, they usually performed their material in instrumental versions at shows. This period is documented on the international SEHC cassette compilation released in Finland, entitled “One Voice”, where AHIMSA appeared alongside Nations On Fire, Step Forward and As it Stands. The band changed the person behind the microphone several times. In the very beginning, it was Robert Jędrzejewski “Dreadowaty” (Heartcore Records), and subsequently Inga Habiba with whom the first demo was recorded (a woman-fronted HC band was something very unique at the time in Poland). Then, Paweł Krawczyk “Gruby” sang, with whom a 7″ and a live cassette were recorded. Lastly, Andrzej Mazurowski was on vocals for the final stage of the band and can be heard on both full-length studio albums. Throughout this time, the core of the band consisted of Tomek Grewiński “Tomik”, Tomek Sierajewski “Bolek” and Mirek Grewiński “Miro”. The band was very active in terms of live concerts, regularly performing all over the country. They also appeared at shows and on tours outside of Poland, in Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark. The band was active until 1997, and some of the members of AHIMSA during these years continued their musical adventures by performing later in bands such as THE BLACK TAPES, ELVIS DELUXE, CZERWONE ŚWINIE, LORIEN, ONE MILLION BULGARIANS, HOUK or HEY. This double album documents the band’s period of activity before the release of studio albums on a bigger label. It contains recordings from 1991 and 1992, which were originally released on the self-released cassette “Słońce świeci dla wszystkich” along with both 7”s – ‘Ahimsa and Ex pert’ released on Harmony Records (recorded with Ex Pert from INKWIZYCJA), as well as the ‘Sami przed sobą’ 7″ released on Heartcore Records. Mastering was completed mostly from the original tapes and was done by Smok and Mario / Studio As One. The release is accompanied by a booklet with lyrics and archival photos, as well as tour and concert posters. Limited to 400 copies. One-time pressing.