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NEUTRALS “Bus stop nights” EP (white)


NEUTRALS “Bus stop nights” 9.00 EUR / 40zł (white)
(Static Shock) Neutrals return with a stunning new 4 track EP on Static Shock, after an album on Emotional Response in 2019 and two 7”s on Slumberland and Domestic Departure in 2020. Each song on this EP is a golden nugget of DIY indie pop with clean and jagged guitar work, tunes at every corner and a joyous naivety. Go straight to “Gary Borthwick Says” – a song about a full time bullshitter with lyrics akin to to I, Ludicrous’ “Preposterous Tales” with music which has the charm of prime The Television Personalties and The Times. New Town Dream is another gem and if it had come out in 1979 as an obscure DIY/post punk 7″, the kids would be paying £200 for it. Honestly, it’s love at first listem and pure infatuation after repeated plays. This EP will not leave your turntable. – Sean Forbes