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SEASICK “Eschaton” 12″


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SEASICK “Eschaton” 12″ 40zł / 10,00 EUR
(To Live A Lie) Heavier, faster and noisier than ever, Seasick’s first and final LP, “Eschaton,” finally sees the light of day after three years in purgatory. Filtering New York hardcore, West Coast speed and breakdowns straight out of Boston through Japanese D-beat, “Eschaton” is Sheer Terror covering Gauze covering SSD covering Infest. Held together by oppressive levels of distortion, feedback and negativity, “Eschaton” blends the band’s former psychedelic version of “Rock For Light” with heavier than thou hardcore, caveman drum beats and the guttural intensity of Framtid, Brain Killer and Kromosom. “Eschaton” defines Seasick, their five years as a band and the type of music they always wanted to make: uncompromisingly hopeless, pure hardcore punk. Limited edition of 340 copies.