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VOWELS “Chxxnxd (Sxssxxn)” EP (2nd press)


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VOWELS “Chxxnxd (Sxssxxn)” 10zł / 2.50 EUR (2nd press black)
(REFUSE) Vowels out of Dresden, Germany attacking your ears with their second 7″ release. It contains 6 songs (incl. BIG BOYS cover) recorded on the same session as their debut 7″ on Vendetta Records. If you dig powerviolence, fastcore or straight edge – or all this things combined – don’t sleep on this band. Half of the line-up was active in THE TANGLED LINES but the list of the bands they’ve been or they are active in is longer than their songs. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Vaccine, Failures, Orchid) at Dead Air Studios. Artwork by Paul XRRRX.