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WARTHOG “Warthog (2022)” EP (US press)


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WARTHOG “Warthog (2022)” 12.00 EUR /55zl (US press) (Toxic State)
WARTHOG always takes their time with releasing new music, but you know it will always be worth the wait. Marking their ten year anniversary as a band, Larry and Co finally bring you their long awaited fifth EP. Written in Brooklyn last winter, the new ep delivered three tracks of their trademark sound. Everything is fine-tuned and sounding stronger than ever. Digital Tumor might even be their best track yet. You didn’t think that they would let you down, did you? The EP comes in a pocket sleeve with brand new artwork from longtime collaborator Alex Heir and lyric sheet. Recorded by Sasha Stroud, mixed by Will Killingsworth and mastered by Arthur Rizk.