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WIELKANOC “Krzyk krzyk” LP


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WIELKANOC “Krzyk krzyk”  15.00 EUR / 60zł

(Manufaktura Legenda+Muza+Archiwum Trasa W-Z)

The next title in the series ‘Music from Jarocin’ is a vinyl longplay by the band WIELKANOC. The album brings a complete record of an amateur recording session at the Żuraw House of Culture in Lubin, recorded in February 1988, and is the band’s second album in the Jarocin series after the CD Dziewczyny Karabiny. Easter is a new wave quartet from Lubin, which won the Journalists’ Award at the Jarocin Festival’88. In the same year, the group won the National Youth Song Review’88 and turned down an invitation to the Opole Festival. The face and voice of Wielkanocka was the charismatic singer and songwriter Kasia Jarosz. Thanks to her, the group introduced intriguing and ambiguous lyrics into the realm of Polish rock.